Musical Theatre Workshop Journeys


The Musical Theatre Workshop takes place after an open call to a broad range of participants to include singers, songwriters, musicians, music producers, MCs, poets, novelists, spoken word artists, DJs, composers and other professional artists.  The workshops are led by Fred Carl and Robert Lee from the prestigious Tisch School of Arts, New York.

Musical theatre is a key priority for TRSE, being an art form that has the power to bridge gaps across cultures and overcome language barriers.  TRSE’s vision is to break new ground with musicals that bring contemporary and urban musicinto the mainstream of British theatre.  The aim is to revitalise the musical form, to create work that is relevant to and informed by today’s Britain and attract new and diverse audiences.

To realise this vision, in 1998 TRSE launched its Musical Theatre Initiative, giving writers and musicians a development process to bring their own voices into the context of theatre, using words and music or beats.  Without such support, there is no natural bridge into musical theatre for much of the music-writing talent that is abundant in Britain today.