We’re almost there. Today I met the actors that will be performing my work at the sharing and my MD (as a self taught pianist, I can’t play my own music!).

It’s always a slightly nervous experience opening yourself and your work up to others for the first time. As exciting as it can be to properly hear your songs sung by the correct voice types, and by the right number of voices, it’s also incredibly exposing. Instantly you realise all the things you want to fix, all the bits that need adjusting, all the lyrics that don’t quite fit. It’s all useful of course, but a little like getting a new haircut; it takes a while to get used to it!

We spent the morning just note bashing. I still want to adjust some lyrics and have some diaologue I’m working on so I decided that today would be about learning the harmonies and giving the actors time to go away and cement the music before I load them up with some scene work tomorrow.

Having worked on my own for the past fortnight (and before that), it is wonderful to have other people in the room with me. This is where I really flourish, I think. Being able to respond to the work of others and taking the writing process into a more collaborative place.

Right. I’ve got to get on with those rewrites now so I’m off. Until next time…