Bosh! And just like that, the first week is done! So myself and Conrad Murray (Beats & Elements) have been busy working away, taking the MTW late shift to jam and create. It’s been pretty full on so far, but fun, and we’ve etched out a few scenes set in a school on a newly qualified teacher’s first day.

Subject matters to explore aren’t difficult to come up with when Con and I work together – we both share many similar interests outside of the arts. However, this time around, we’re specifically looking at writing a musical. Despite coming from a background as a rapper and MC, writing a musical has posed a whole new set of challenges, particularly for me, as it’s my first time ever doing this, but a good one none the less.

Looking at the central role of the music itself and how it moves the piece, along with crafting the lyrics to go with it has been a whole new way of working. However, I’m a big believer in going outside of one’s comfort zone and I’m leaning fast. The feedback sessions we’ve had with Fred and Robert have been really useful, precisely the sort of constructive feedback we need. We’re getting there…

So we’re onto week two, where we get this thing onto its feet with the actors and into the space, which is both exciting and daunting, but we are very much looking forward to seeing how it all turns out and what happens next. See you on the other side