End of the first week. Blimey, that flew by. What’s the saying? ‘Time flies when you’re desperately trying to create some material for the musical you’re writing’? Thought so.

It’s incredible how much of a journey my show has gone on in just a few days. I’m always surprised at how making a small decision in one area can impact so many other parts of the piece.

Talking of decisions – I’ve made some pretty firm ones about the characters, settings etc which led me to a couple of interesting moments, which I’ve decided to explore for this sharing. I showed the very beginnings of the ideas to Fred & Rob in our second notes session and the response was very positive (phew). They gave me some fantastic notes that encouraged me to really hone in on the character & the point I’m trying to get across. In particular they questioned a lyric I’d written, saying it wasn’t precise enough. At first I struggled to rewrite it, as the original was so embedded but after lots of thinking (& procrastinating) I finally found another way in and they’re right. It’s better now.

I’m frantically scribbling away at the moment and am excited to see what actors do with the work. The only trouble with writing alone is that everything takes longer! I can’t work on a lyric whilst someone else is writing the score, or working on the accompanying scene. But I’m going to have a decent amount of work ready to show. As long as I get back to writing and so I’m signing off for now. Bye!