So, here we are, roughly a quarter of the way through the MTW fortnight. Seems like a good time to take a little moment to look around me and see where I’m at.

It’s been an informative, exciting and challenging time so far. A combination of workshops with Fred Carl & Robert Lee (both are writers that teach musical theatre at the Tisch university in NY) alongside more intensive writing time.

The most wonderful thing is that the building feels alive with creativity. Everywhere you turn there are writers and composers scribbling away at a new idea, or you can hear the faint sound of piano keys being played drifting through the air. It feels like a community. One that I’m excited and proud to be a part of. It makes me wish I had a permanent studio space alongside other artists, where I can work alone but then meet for breaks, lunch etc and share thoughts and ideas with others. It’s invaluable.

On the first day I had a chance to have a note session with Fred & Rob which was incredibly helpful and threw up a number of questions about my show, ‘The H Project’, that I had to answer. I’d entered the fortnight with a very rough first draft and both Fred & Rob still felt like there were some fundamental questions that needed to be answered. I was undaunted by this because I’d (thankfully) already made some of these decisions in my head, I just need to translate them onto the page! They also made some suggestions for key scenes that it might be worth tackling and that is what I have been setting about doing over the past couple of days.

Writing alone is a strange process. It can be at times thrilling and frustrating. Sometimes all I want is a collaborator to urge me on, or give me tune/lyric/scene to inspire me. At others (& mostly, I’m happy to say) I love the solitary nature of writing alone, building up a collection of thoughts until you’re ready to share them.

That sharing happens today as I check in with Rob & Fred to show them what I’ve come up with so far. I’m excited to see where it leads me next…