Inspiring start to the Musical Theatre Workshops at Theatre Royal Stratford East!

I just happened to have been starting work on an idea for a musical a few weeks ago, when Sevan at TRSE dropped me an email asking if I’d like to attend. The man clearly has eerie powers – some sort of telepathic communication with British playwrights? So it seemed wise to accept.

For ‘Kali’s Toenail’ (working title. We really need a new title), I’ve been teamed up with composer Theo Jamieson, and the chance to learn about his creative process has been a big draw. I’m someone who has always been interested in including music in my work, but continue to find musical theatre as mysterious as it is exuberantly enjoyable.

We’re lucky enough to have two thoughtful and wise workshop facilitators in Rob and Fred, jetted in from New York where they run a Masters in Musical Theatre. They have an open approach to musical theatre and are clearly supportive of ways to reinvent and reimagine the genre.